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When your schedule might get thrown off. When your internet might go out. When your car might not start.

Something could happen today that you wish never occurred.

And it’s completely fine.

Our interpretations and reactions in the moment are often exaggerated, even when it feels appropriate.

Each day we should expect the unexpected. Not in a manner that causes us to huddle in a corner. In a way that encourages us to be open to what life brings and confident in our ability to face challenges.

You’ve had to stray from plans in the past and you’ll have to…

Aren’t the whole picture

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Photo by Giorgio Grani on Unsplash

It’s fun to watch kids create and believe their theories about the world. Ideas about experiences that are far from accurate but to them, as real as a bee sting. Sometimes we can persuade them to change their minds, other times we can’t.

As adults, we often get stuck in similar predicaments. And we’re as stubborn as a child when someone suggests that we might be wrong. We want our views to be the right ones. We know the way the world works dammit, and we know who we are.

We don’t want to have to start from scratch.


Nick G. Mason

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone” - Alan Watts

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